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Track Summary

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Address: Benalla West, Australia


Circuit Length 3.0 kms Race Direction Clockwise Interesting Fact Winton Motor Raceway is 'The Nation's Action Track' with a good combination of tight and twising corners, as well as some long fast straights. The racing at Winton is always close and exciting.

Track Map


Weather Forecast

Current Conditions: Cloudy in Benalla, AUS (as of 3:00 PM 9/15/2014)

Current conditions (as of 3:00 PM)
Cloudy. 64°F (Feels like 64). Humidity: 53% Winds: 7 mph E.
All times shown are local to Benalla, AUS.
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Forecast for Monday, September 15, 2014 for Benalla, AUS

Today: Sprinkles.Sprinkles Lo: 48°F. Hi: 66°F. Chance of precipitation: 55%
Tomorrow: Showers / Clear.Showers / Clear Lo: 39°F. Hi: 64°F. Chance of precipitation: 97%
Wednesday: Partly Cloudy.Partly Cloudy Lo: 35°F. Hi: 58°F. Chance of precipitation: 65%
Thursday: Partly Cloudy.Partly Cloudy Lo: 35°F. Hi: 56°F. Chance of precipitation: 65%
Friday: Partly Cloudy.Partly Cloudy Lo: 40°F. Hi: 58°F. Chance of precipitation: 50%

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Track Guide

The follow sections describe the turns or series of turns on the race track in a step by step detail from various people who have driven the track

Turn by turn guide to the Winton track

Motorcycle turn by turn guide to the Winton track

Typical Lap Times


More videos on the web

Mazda RX-8 (with suspension, brake, Bridgestone RE55S, Taka at the wheel: 1:41.8660
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