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Track Summary

Web Site: http://www.texasworldspeedway.com/

Questions forum: Driving Texas World Speedway forum

Address: 17529 TX-6, College Station, TX 77845

Upcoming Events

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Local Hotels

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www.thedriversedge.net group usually stay's at the Manor House on HWY 6 in town.

The Hilton is nice, but I've stayed in better locations. It's also terribly busy with all kinds of stuff going on there each weekend. If you have a car you like and want a good spot; you may be fishing for a while. I'd suggest the Homewood Suites or the Hampton Inn (not in town on Earl Rudder Freeway). The Hampton Inn by the University is a little dated.

Hilton College Station

Hampton Inn on Earl Rudder

I finally stayed at the Homewood Suites - OH MY GOSH. It's great, the parking is great, pool is great. You get two rooms a huge bed and a great set of restaurants to choose. Everything you need is within walking distance. Free High-speed internet, refrigerator, DVD player (not sure why I need that), etc etc. It's a great place especially for Diamond/Gold members!

Homewood Suites across from the Hilton Conference Center

Track Map



Current Conditions: Clear in College Station, TX (as of 7:53 PM 9/16/2014)

Current conditions (as of 7:53 PM)
Clear. 78°F (Feels like 78). Humidity: 87% Winds: 0 mph.
All times shown are local to College Station, TX.
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Forecast for Tuesday, September 16, 2014 for College Station, TX

Today: T-storms.T-storms Lo: 74°F. Hi: 92°F. Chance of precipitation: 40%
Tomorrow: T-storms.T-storms Lo: 74°F. Hi: 90°F. Chance of precipitation: 60%
Thursday: T-storms.T-storms Lo: 71°F. Hi: 90°F. Chance of precipitation: 60%
Friday: Scattered Thunderstorms.Scattered Thunderstorms Lo: 71°F. Hi: 91°F. Chance of precipitation: 20%
Saturday: Scattered Thunderstorms.Scattered Thunderstorms Lo: 72°F. Hi: 91°F. Chance of precipitation: 20%

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Track Guide

The follow sections describe the turns or series of turns on the race track in a step by step detail from various people who have driven the track

Turn by turn guide to the Texas World Speedway track

Motorcycle turn by turn guide to the Texas World Speedway track

GPS Track Map and Vehicle Dynamics

Coming soon

Typical Lap Times

Stohr Formula 1000 CCW (Wet Track) 1:44
Porsche 993 cup 1:54
Dodge Viper ?:??
BMW E46 M3 SMG Winter 1:54
BMW E46 M3 SMG Summer 1:57
BMW E46 M3 SMG Rain 2:15
300zx Z32 2:01
350z z33 2:01
02'Honda S2000 (Street tires/Stock) 2:06
1994 Toyota MR2 NA (NASA PTF, SCCA SSB) 2:06.030 2.9CCW April
1994 Toyota MR2 NA (NASA PTF, SCCA SSB) 2:07.072 2.9CW August
2010 Mazda RX8 R3 (100% stock) 2:05.107 2.9CW August
C5 Z06 (SW/prepared; from Viper Days) 1:51
C6 Z51 (brakes, engine and R6s) Clockwise 1:58
Porsche CaymanS (Motons, ToyoR888) CCW 1:59
Spec Miata 2:02s-2:03s


Video of Texas World Speedway in a Mini Cooper

02' Honda S2000 (street tires/stock)

Porsche CaymanS (Motons,ToyoR888)

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