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Address: Manama, Bahrain

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Weather Forecast

Current Conditions: Clear in Al Mu?arraq, BHR (as of 10:00 AM 9/1/2014)

Current conditions (as of 10:00 AM)
Clear. 100°F (Feels like 114). Humidity: 45% Winds: 3 mph WNW.
All times shown are local to Al Mu?arraq, BHR.
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Forecast for Monday, September 01, 2014 for Al Mu?arraq, BHR

Today: Clear.Clear Lo: 90°F. Hi: 103°F. Chance of precipitation: 0%
Tomorrow: Clear.Clear Lo: 89°F. Hi: 102°F. Chance of precipitation: 0%
Wednesday: Clear.Clear Lo: 89°F. Hi: 100°F. Chance of precipitation: 0%
Thursday: Clear.Clear Lo: 91°F. Hi: 102°F. Chance of precipitation: 0%
Friday: Fair.Fair Lo: 91°F. Hi: 105°F. Chance of precipitation: 0%

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Designed by German track specialist, Herman Tilke, the 70,000-spectator track will make Bahrain the first country in the Middle East to host a Formula One race. The architecture is based on Arabian themes.

German consultancy, Tilke, has designed the venue, which will have a main grandstand capable of holding up to 10,000 spectators.

The circuit design includes six different loops including a 5.4km Grand Prix track, an inner circuit of 2.4km, a separate 1.2km drag strip and a 2.5km oval so it may also be able to stage CART races. Interestingly the track will feature two pit lanes with the paddock area between them.

The Bahrain Racing Circuit will comprise six individual tracks, four of which can be used simultaneously.

The Grand Prix track's length will be 5.475km and involve 16 turns. With a maximum uphill slope of 5.25% and maximum downhill slope of 5.0% the forecast lap time for a Formula One car is 1 minute 33.63 seconds with an average speed of 210.39km/h. The inner and outer circuits of the facility are configured to form a Formula One Grand Prix track

The inner track length is 2.4km and the width varies between 14m and 20m. This is designed mainly for testing, club events and for the Racing School training activities. The outer track length is 3.4km, and, similar to the inner track, will have a varying width of between 14m and 20m.

There is also a drag strip, which caters for the growing drag racing scene in the Region. The 1,200m long by 18.5m wide Drag Strip has a timed quarter mile acceleration distance constructed in concrete.

The 2,500m long Test Oval with its two parabolic corners provides a facility for warm and hot weather endurance testing under controlled conditions.

Track Guide

The follow sections describe the turns or series of turns on the race track in a step by step detail from various people who have driven the track

Turn by turn guide to the Sakhir track

Motorcycle turn by turn guide to the Shakir track

GPS Track Map and Vehicle Dynamics

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Typical Lap Times

Audi R8 ?:??
Chevrolet Corvette C6-R ?:??
Porsche 911 GT3 RSR ?:??
Porsche 993 cup ?:??
Spec Miata ?:??
BMW M Coupe (S52) ?:??


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