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Track Summary

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Google Maps Address: Brno, Czech Republic


The original Masaryk Circuit was a temporary street circuit leading through villages located western direction from Brno. It served between 1930 and 1986. See videos and a map.

A brand new chapter in the history of Masaryk circuit started to be written in 1987 when in June the new automotodrom started built in locality of Kývalka just about 10 km far from the old pits. Even the tiny roads in surroundings of the circuit leading from Žebětín and Ostrovačice remember the „golden era“ of pre-war racing. Even backed up with the great tradition the authors of the idea of building a new race circuit had to face some difficulties. But all went well in the end and after a 4 year break Brno emerged again between the cities organizing the Road Racing World Championship again. Admirers of Agostini, Hailwood, Read, Saarinen, Ivy, Cecotto, Ballington could thanks to the new Masaryk circuit meet the new stars of motorsports such as Gardner, Spencer, Rainey, Lawson, Kocinski, Doohan, Roth, Bradley, Martinez and also with well known Mang and sidecar master Biland. Only without the 1992season when Brno organizers did not accept the new commercial rules of that time promoter of the series hosts Road Racing World Championship at Automotodrom Brno – Masaryk circuit every year. Grand Prix of the Czech Republic became a sports event of highest importance watched thanks to the TV transmission all over the world.

Track Map


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Track Guide

The follow sections describe the turns or series of turns on the race track in a step by step detail from various people who have driven the track

Turn by turn guide to the Brno track

Motorcycle turn by turn guide to the Brno track

Typical Lap Times

2002 F1 1:36
2010 Formula Renault 3.5 1:43
2010 Auto GP 1:43
2010 GP2 1:45
2009 GP2 1:48
2004 Formula Renault V6 1:53
2010 Formula Renault 2.0 1:57
Moto GP 1:58
Porsche 993 cup ?:??
Spec Miata ?:??
Dodge Viper ?:??
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